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END OF THE LINE is an ever-changing cultural space that aims to present the city’s emerging art scene through a multi-disciplinary program of exhibitions, performances, events and creative experiments.

Situated in the industrial scape of Skejby, beside the Aarhus Universitethospital Letbane station, it connects the community and industries of Aarhus with upcoming artistic talents. The black box was previously home to Ovartaci Fields - a satellite museum to house pop-up projects from Museum Ovartaci during the Capital of Culture 2017.

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Ride the 2A, 6A or Letbanen to Aarhus Universitethospital (Indgang G) and look for the OVARTACI black box between the stops or just type 'END OF THE LINE' in Google Maps. 

END OF THE LINE — AARHUSMAKERS Aarhus, Denmark Art and Culture center
END OF THE LINE — AARHUSMAKERS Aarhus, Denmark Art and Culture center

past events: 


April 8 — April 14, 2019



by Phuc Van Dang

"THE TRANSFORMATIONS" is the culmination of a weekend spent creating a portrait of the Aarhus University Hospital area, and a 10 hour intensive workshop guided by Van Dang, where a collective of artists selected by AARHUSMAKERS will respond to each other’s interpretations of Van Dang’s work – like an expressive echo. Each new work fits into the others, and stands on its own.

January 1 — January 31, 2019


AARHUSMAKERS brought together nine Aarhus-based artists for PROLOG - the first destination in the END OF THE LINE program.

The outcome of this collaboration was an introduction to the individual expressions and explorations of a diverse and multi-faceted artistic community - each linked by the city they call home.

The exhibition exposed audiences to a fresh line-up of dynamic local creatives; the room acted as a catalyst to explore their stories as we moved between abstract forms and evocative dreamscapes, contemporary compositions and intricate details.


January 18, 2019


Since 2016, when the classic videotape was discontinued, VHS-fabrikken (The VHS Factory) has been sourcing and collecting obsolete VHS equipment in order to re-explore and preserve and appreciate the aesthetic potentials of analogue cameras, video mixers and CRT.

As part of the PROLOG exhibition, VHS-fabrikken facilitated an open video jam session with their VHS collection where you had a chance to assist them as a rookie AV worker or just relax and look into the flickering screens.

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February 7 – February 28, 2019


details coming soon

February 16, 2019

“Open Heart Surgery”

more details coming soon

February 23, 2019

“Faux Tattoo Parlour”

more details coming soon

March 8 – March 12, 2019


more details coming soon

March 22 – March 29, 2019

“Mythological Considerations”

more details coming soon