Smelter - a one-day installation by Pernille Kofoed

17 AUGUST 2019


Melting balls of ice, suspended in the air. As each drop hits the floor the sound is captured with a microphone and will, together with sensors in the space, create an interactive soundscape.


Working with time, Pernille Kofoed’s installation exists for one day only, slowly melting away while also creating references to bigger global perspectives. The piece is an interactive sound installation, working with the whole space it is placed in.

At END OF THE LINE, Smelter appeared alongside Mariana Gil's exhibition 'So near yet so far'. The 7 melting balls of ice, suspended amongst flickering TV screens and reflected in photographs of city streets and landscapes. The audience walked between the balls, triggering more sounds and becoming part of the piece, while getting up close and experiencing the space and the installation together.


Photos by Mariana Gil and Kate Antonas