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Open Lines | Press Release

Open Lines brings together three textile artists from different backgrounds, with unique approaches to the art of weaving.

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Endorfin Maskiner | Press Release
“Endorfin Maskiner” — an interview with Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

I love this mechanical, biological aspect of the work. That’s why I hope it’s a machine for other people as well.

My aim was to create a pixel drawing. The first attempt came out very ‘carpet-like’ in its appearance so I just kept on going. Moroccan rock art and paintings also inspired me - these are ancient techniques so there is nothing new to my style. I just wanted to make something pretty, something satisfying for me to make and something that other people can relate to.

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Out of The Blue - Press Release

Out of The Blue’ is a new playful and interactive installation that seeks to explore the source of  creative inspiration - the nine Muses of the arts, literature and science from Ancient Greek mythology. 

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