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“Endorfin Maskiner” — an interview with Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

I love this mechanical, biological aspect of the work. That’s why I hope it’s a machine for other people as well.

My aim was to create a pixel drawing. The first attempt came out very ‘carpet-like’ in its appearance so I just kept on going. Moroccan rock art and paintings also inspired me - these are ancient techniques so there is nothing new to my style. I just wanted to make something pretty, something satisfying for me to make and something that other people can relate to.

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Out of The Blue - Interview with Ola Mirecka and Iga Górniak

We spoke with Ola and Iga, whose new exhibition ‘Out of The Blue’, is built to challenge our perception that inspiration is beyond our control, taking the gallery’s visitors on an inspirational journey behind the artworks and sparking their own child-like creativity through imaginative expression.

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Emotional geographies in So near yet so far - Mariana Gil interview by Selma Vital

In a way, I treat photography a lot like painting. When I digitally manipulate an image, when I frame and arrange it this or that way, I’m reconstructing it. I’m composing it just like I would do in a painting

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Interview with Bowy Goudkamp

AARHUSMAKERS sat down to talk with Bowy Goudkamp, producer and creator of LO1-Reflect - which will be coming to the END OF THE LINE from the 1st - 10th August 2019. We talk about what lead Bowy to start writing and producing performance art, what influences her work and the life of a creative in Aarhus.

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