´So near yet so far´ — opening night

Last Friday, we gathered at END OF THE LINE for the opening of 'So near yet so far', a photography exhibition by Mariana Gil. Click through the image to see how it went 🔮

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‘So near yet so far’ by Mariana Gil — press release
Emotional geographies in So near yet so far - Mariana Gil interview by Selma Vital

In a way, I treat photography a lot like painting. When I digitally manipulate an image, when I frame and arrange it this or that way, I’m reconstructing it. I’m composing it just like I would do in a painting

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The Weaver Girl

The Weaver Girl, tells the story of a woman sitting at her loom capable of producing everything she needs and wants. She weaves sunrise and sunset, the seasons of the year, the food she needs, and most of all she does it with great pleasure. Until one day she feels very alone and decides to weave a husband, however, this time her creation does not go as expected. In the end, she finds a solution and is able to restart her own story.

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